Conference of the National Corps of Mountain Rescue in Cortina

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Cortina d’Ampezzo, 18 June 2022

The event was conceived and organized by the General Management of the National Corps of Alpine and Cave Rescue (CNSAS) with the support of Cortina IN, which took care of the accommodation management of over 70 guests and of the logistics of the event.

The event was structured in two moments.

The first part was a debate in the square Piazza Angelo Dibona, in the town center of Cortina. The topics discussed were prevention and collaboration between institutions for safety in the mountains.

The discussion was introduced by the Minister for Parliamentary Relations, Federico D’Incà.

Civil and military authorities participated as well, among them: Fabrizio Curcio, Head of the Department of National Civil Protection, Roberto Chieppa, Secretary-General of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, Guido Parisi, Head of the National Fire and Rescue Service, high representatives of the Financial Guard, of the Alpine Troops Command, of the Italian Air Force and of the State Police.

In addition, more authorities took part, representing the Health Sector of several Regions.

The second part of the event was in the mountains, for an aperitivo and dinner in a mountain hut, were authorities and guests could admire the enchanting beauty of the Queen of the Dolomites at sunset.

The collaboration between local and regional authorities is, in fact, is crucial to offer an effective response during emergencies.

Every year there are over 15 thousand mountain rescues, and 10 thousand are carried out by the CNSAS. And there are thousands of people saved by mountain rescue, a truly excellent service in Italy.

However, the number of victims is still high: more than 500 per year. Prevention is therefore not only essential, but vital.

We thank CNSAS for their dedication and professionalism and for the confidence given to the team of Cortina IN.

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