E-biking in the Dolomites around Cortina

Explore Cortina d'Ampezzo and the Dolomites by e-bike

E-bikes, or electric bicycles or E-MTBs, are motorized bicycles with an integrated electric rechargable motor, which assists riders’ pedal power. Electric bicycles are a smart and environmentally friendly way of moving. Indeed, with an e-bike you can explore 50-60 kilometers of trails, with an environmental and sound impact close to zero. You can decide how much pedal assistance you want, which is perfect for mixed level groups.

E-bike had a great success in recent years. It is indeed a means of transport that enables people to cycle in the mountains and on paved roads, even steep ones, with little effort. Thereby, even those who are not well trained can explore longer itineraries, enjoying enchanting views and visiting sites of historical and natural interest. You can ride comfortably even uphill, just make sure your batteries are well charged! And when the batteries are almost empty, it’s time to stop at a cozy mountain hut for a drink or a gourmet break!

For those who are well trained, with an electric MTB it is possile to plan much longer tours. In a short time you can go along long itineraries, with greater elevation gain, enjoying even more the surrounding Dolomite landscape.

A certain amount effort is still required and for beginners it is advisable to start with easy itineraries and pay attention, especially when going downhill.

To make your e-bike tour around Cortina d’Ampezzo even more magical, you can be accompanied along the route by a professional bike guide. They will take you along the most spectacular and suitable paths for the group!

Recharge gourmet-breaks

During your e-bike ride in Cortina you will have to check not to completely discharge the battery. And when you need to recharge it, you can use the opportunity to stop at one of the many mountain huts and alpine farms along the way! Indeed, many mountain huts along the itineraries have charging stations.

This is the perfect opportunity for a gourmet break: a refreshing drink, a slice of cake or a good hearty meal!

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Choose the perfect holiday for you and Cortina d'Ampezzo and the Dolomites by e-bike

Cortina E-Bike Safari

Discover the Dolomites along an itinerary that will take you from hut to hut!

Cortina E-Bike Tour

Experience Cortina d'Ampezzo on two wheels

All ingredients for a perfect e-bike holiday in Cortina

A tailor-made family holiday

The electric bike is a great way of discovering the Dolomites around Cortina d’Ampezzo during a holiday. It will be possible to discover some of the most beautiful and spectacular places in Cortina d’Ampezzo: lakes, clearings, huts, streams and beautiful woods immersed in the Natural Park.

Our partners offer all accessories and bikes of all sizes: junior e-bikes with 24 inch wheels for children aged 8 or more; XS size for teenagers and ladies; child seats and trailers; trail gators, half bike attached by a strong frame extension to the back of an adult’s seatpost, like a tandem, to pedal together with your 5-6 year old kids.

Go electric, go green!

E-bikes are the ideal means of transport to move around in Coritna and explore the Natural Park of the Ampezzo Dolomites, admiring its wildlife. Electric bicycles are a smart and environmental-friendly way of moving. Indeed, with an e-bike you can pedal 50-60 kilometers with an environmental and sound impact close to zero.

The most spectacular bike paths in Cortina and surroundings

Cortina is simply in a perfect location to discover the most beautiful bike paths in the Dolomites. Cortina is crossed by the Dolomiti Bike Path (Ciclabile delle Dolomiti), a spectacular 60 km bike path in the heart of the Dolomites, connecting Calalzo di Cadore to Dobbiaco. The cycle path is accessible in both directions. Starting from Dobbiaco, the first stretch (about 15 km) is a gentle ascent to the Cimabanche Pass, afterwards, for the next 45 km, it is either flat or downhill. The bike path was originally a railway line that connected Calalzo di Cadore to Dobbiaco: it traverses canynos and galleries and it provides spectaculare views. The railway was built during the years of the Great War to bring troops and supplies to the front and was then used for civilians and in 1956 for the Winter Olympics held in Cortina.

Cortina is also crossed by the famous Munich-Venicebike path: 560 km with 3,000 meters of elevation gain crossing the Alps to the Adriatic Sea. For those staying in Cortina it is possible to pedal along some stretches of this wonderful cycle path.

Finally, you can also take the bike path that will take you from San Candido to Austria, in Lienz, with the opportunity to make a stop at the outdoor pool in Lienz and return to San Candido by train.

Not only e-biking

With electric bicycles you can spend your holidays doing a mix of activities, using the bicycle not only to have fun but also as a eco-friendly means of transport. For example, you can combine an e-bike itinerary with a via ferrata or a climbing lesson. Your experience will be simply unique!

Other activities to make your holiday unforgettable

Cortina d'Ampezzo offers countless activities and experiences: cultural activities, outdoor and indoor sports, wellness and haute cuisine. Our Team will be at your side to find all the right ingredients for the best holiday for you: from wine tastings to cooking classes, from climbing lessons to a day golfing, from panoramic trekkings or via ferrata routes to a helicopter tour of the Dolomites.

Cycling guides, Bike hire, transfer service and bike friendly hotels

To make your bike holiday in the Dolomites perfect we will find the best partners for you: MTB guides, organization of transfers, nike rentals, tailor-made assistance and bike-hotels.

E-biking in Cortina d'Ampezzo