Ski touring in the Dolomites

Experience the magic of winter in the Dolomites on skis!

Ski mountaineering is an incredibly satisfying sport: see your own track drawn on fresh snow during the climb, admire unspoiled views in the silence and tranquility of winterappreciate the magic and purity of the fresh snow, descend along snowy slopes and silent valleys outside the crowded areas and the ski slopes. Simply an unforgettable experience. Finally, the descent will give you an amazing sense of freedom and joy! After conquering a peak skiining up with your own strength and abilities, taking the skins off and skiing down into the fresh powder is just fantastic. And to complete the experience there’s nothing better than stopping in a rifugio for a nice hearty meal!

In Cortina d’Ampezzo many ski touring excursions are located within the Natural Park of the Ampezzo Dolomites, a magical area in which to stay in total harmony with nature.

For ski touring special skis and boots are needed. During the ascent, climbing skins are used to provide sufficient grip for skiing steeply uphill. A defining characteristic of ski touring bindings are free heels to enable skiers to move smoothly. In addition, ski crampons can be attached when conditions are particularly icy or the grade is too steep for skins. Once you reach the summit you swich bindings in downhill mode and you can enjoy a magical descent in the fresh snow!

You can choose itineraries of different lengths and difficulty: from very easy groomed tracks to challenging itineraries with mountaineering sections where you might need to use ice axe and crampons to reach the peaks and descend along steep couloirs.

Ski touring in complete safety

An unforgettable experience amidst breathtaking views

To live an unforgettable experience and discover the most enchanting itineraries of the Dolomites, it is strongly recommended to be accompanied by a IFMGA certified local mountain guide. Indeed, unlike the summer season, paths are covered by snow and it is therefore not so easy to find your way around. Moreoer, it is very important to know how to read snow conditions to understand avalanche risks. Finally, local mountain guides know where to find the best snow and which ones are the most spectacular, scenic and less crowded spots for a fantastic descent!

During ski mountaineering excursions it is mandatory to always have avalanche safety gear (Artva, shovel and probe).

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Spend an unforgettable weekend in the Dolomites

Ski touring in the Dolomites

Discover Cortina from hut to hut skis-on!

Your ski touring holiday exploring the Dolomites

Ski touring from hut to hut with gourmet breaks

Discover the Dolomites every day along a different itinerary with skis on from rifugio to rifugio. Climb up a mountain, reach a saddle and ski down the opposite side: there is no more magical and authentic way to explore and experience the Dolomites!

Moreover, many ski mountaineering itineraries have as their final point a fantastic and cozy rifugio. After an adventure, local and traditional Italian dishes will taste even better! You can taste local specialties, a hot chocolate, lunches and dinners on panoramic terraces with an incredible view of the Dolomites.

Evening adventures

A wonderful activity is evening ski touring, in the moon light or with a headlamp! What could be better than a sunset excursion, admiring the colors of the enrosadira and then the magical starry sky? And to finish the evening...a wonderful dinner in a warm and cozy mountain hut! And back down after dinner skiing in the moon light!

Other activities to make your holiday unforgettable

Cortina d'Ampezzo offers countless activities and experiences: cultural activities, outdoor and indoor sports, wellness and haute cuisine. Our Team will be at your side to find all the right ingredients for the best holiday for you: from wine tastings to cooking classes, from climbing lessons to a day golfing, from panoramic trekkings or via ferrata routes to a helicopter tour of the Dolomites.

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Ski mountaineering - additional sport for the programme of the 2026 Milano-Cortina Winter Olympics!

Ski mountaineering officially included in the Olympic program scheduled for Milano Cortina 2026.

The decision will leave a mark in history: the discipline will have two men’s events, two women’s events and one mixed-gender relay event, for a total of five medals

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Ski touring in the Dolomites