Yoga in the Dolomites around Cortina

Discover the true essence of the Dolomites by practicing yoga

The wide sunny valley of Cortina d’Ampezzo offers a unique setting where the mountains invite body and spirit to regenerate and reconnect with themselves and with the surrounding nature. There is nothing better than to live an experience of yoga, well-being and escape in the mountains at the foot of the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Live a week of joy, relax and self-tuning in on yourself, surrounded by the beauty and peaceful nature of Cortina d’Ampezzo. With a good part of adventure in the mountains and excellent Italian cuisine! During this retreat, participants will enjoy a teaching experience tailored to them, with morning and afternoon yoga sessions and activities during the day.

A holiday of yoga, nature and well-being

Morning and afternoon yoga sessions

Start the day with an energizing and light lesson to awaken your body and mind. Continue in the afternoon with another practice designed according to your needs.

Outdoor activities immersed in nature

For each yoga retreat we include at least one outdoor activity to discover the beauty and magic of the iconic Dolomites. The group will be accompanied by a local mountain guide to discover mountain trails, forests, clearings, lakes and other places that cannot be missed.

Well-being moments

To make your trip complete, enjoy a wellness moment in the spectaculer Dolomite mountains!

Gourmet moments

A prime part of your well-being is a healthy diet, with fresh local products. And when delicious dishes are combined with an unforgettable view of the Dolomites the result will be just perfect!

Discover all our yoga offers!

Choose your well-being experience in Cortina d'Ampezzo

Yoga Retreat in Cortina d'Ampezzo

5 days of yoga costumized for you, framed by the spectacular Dolomites

Yoga Gourmet Weekend

Enjoy a yoga and fine dining-themed weekend in the Dolomites

Cortina Yoga Weekend

Experience a yoga weekend in the Dolomites

The best yoga classes for you

Discover different yoga practices and choose the one that best suits you

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa means movement between poses. Vinyasa is a style of yoga characterized by stringing postures together so that you move from one to another.

Yin Yoga

In this lesson the positions sitting positions and are held for longer periods of time than in other styles. Its goals are awareness of inner silence, and bringing to light a universal, interconnecting quality. You will be able to let go physically and emotionally. Yin yoga is based on three basic steps:

  1. Entering the position gradually.
  2. Seek silence and stillness of body and mind, after having found the greatest possible comfort in the position.
  3. Held positions for longer periods of time than in other styles (3 to 5 minutes).

Yoga for digestion

A sequence of positions of the yin and yang tradition: practiced slowly and designed to promote digestion. Simple positions performed after a short warm-up that can be practiced whenever you feel the need to help your body after a meal.

Awakening Yoga

An energizing and light lesson performed early in the morning, designed to awaken body and mind, bringing well-being to the rest of the day. A practice based on the hatha tradition with a slow and continuous rhythm of connection between body and breath.

Yoga nidra under the stars

Yoga Nidra is a form of guided meditation also known as “yogic sleep”. It is normally practiced lying down with an instructor guiding the session. Yoga nidra draws our attention inwards, so we learn to surf between the states of wakefulness and sleep, where our bodies find their natural state of equilibrium. Swami Satyananda Saraswati Weather permitting, it will be practiced under the stars in the silence of the mountains.

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Yoga in the Dolomites around Cortina